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“And now for something completely different”  John Cleese, Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


An excellent stress relieving mechanism. With the supplied glass lens base, it is desk friendly and provides enjoyment while taking up very little space. Free your mind with Buccspin.


This is a large 2-1/2” diameter brass spinning top. It is spun using the supplied Kevlar pull string. The top aluminum section is supported by precision ball bearings and can spin independent of the top. Because of this independent action, the top can be picked up and relocated while maintaining its’ spin. The top can also spin upside down with the aluminum section down. This top comes with a 5” double concave lens for controlled spins. A good spin will start the Buccspin top spinning at over 4000 rpm. A good spin will also continue for 10 to 20 minutes.


The package includes the Buccspin top, a Kevlar string and pull ring, a spare string, and a 5” diameter double concave lens.



Additional lens can be purchased via It is an Eisco 5” double concave lens part number PH0536VCC1.


Additional Kevlar string can be purchased at 9KM DWLIFE Black Kevlar Cord. Size; 1.1mm diameter.


The glue used for sealing the ends of the Kevlar is Gorilla glue contact adhesive clear grip.


The metal the top is composed of is not coated. It can be refreshed as required using a metal cleaner such as Brasso or equivalent.

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