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Wishing Well Puzzle

Wishing Well Puzzle


This puzzle is a level 10 sequential mechanical puzzle of approximately 50 distinct moves to solve. It is a true step to step puzzle. It does not require any 'spin' moves, it does not have magnets, and the puzzle itself will provide the 'tools' to solve it. The goal is to recover the coin from the bottom of the wishing well. The puzzle is an intricate assembly providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance and the durability and weight of the metals. It is manufactured using stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. The outside cube is ceramic coated for long life. All parts are precision machined on both CNC and conventional machines. The puzzle is designed and built to provide many years of use and should not require maintenance.




  • Upcoming inventory

    Due to the overwhelming positive response, waiting lists are full through 2025. Please respond via the website at to be put on the 2026 waiting list. Additional inventory will also be made in 2026.

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